Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is short short stories, generally up to 1000 words but often limited to 300 words. Drabbles are a specific form of flash fiction which are exactly 100 words. The challenge to the writer is to tell a great story in so few words. They are great writing exercises because they teach how to cut out all unnecessary words.

Inside Men’s Shorts (pdf, mobi (for kindle) or EPUB formats)

Alternative Cover

An anthology of 117 flash fiction stories (up to 1000 words) with a gay theme. You can just dip in anywhere for a reading snack. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad, some are tragic and some are erotic. Warning – this book contains adult content and references to sexual contact between consenting male adults.

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“Inside Men’s Shorts” An Anthology of Gay Flash Fiction US$4.99

A few examples from the book can be read by clicking on the links below.

100 Years from Now” A glimpse of a possible future

Heroes” A young man makes a choice

The Black Knight” Just a bit of fun

Babysitting Competition” The things boys get up to WARNING includes sexual acts between underage males

Visiting Grandpa” Coming out from beyond the grave