100 Years from Now

Simon was annoyed. His new Mark 27B I-Chip (why think when you can I-Chip?) was malfunctioning. He’d upgraded his implant to get better performance not worse. The Refuelling Bar (guaranteed 100% recycled) had refused his credit for a Simuburger (you’ll think you’ve gone back in time and are eating an animal) and he’d missed out on lunch. To add injury to insult, he’d had to walk home because the transport pod (A to B without producing C) had refused him entry and his legs hurt because he was unused to walking far. It had also refused to receive either the 3D Vid News (you’ll think you’re making news not watching it) or the promised concert-quality Sensurround Music (smell and taste the atmosphere while you see, hear and feel the music). He had a desperate feeling that he would have to spend the night alone because the neural link (think it so) wasn’t working properly either. He wouldn’t be able to generate a Fantasy Holographic Lover (the experiencelimited only by your imagination). He cursed and wondered what people did in the old days before the climate changed and MindNet (you’ll never need to leave the house again) made long-distance travel redundant and opened up a multiverse of other possibilities.  He tried to MindCall his mother for some sympathy, but his I-Chip failed to co-operate with even that simple request.  Frustrated, he spent a boring evening in his tiny living quarters. Even his favourite flavoured DinnerPack (good for the planet and good for youyou won’t know it’s algae) failed to cheer him up. Then he remembered something his grandfather had left him. It was in his personal belongings box. He ferreted through the untidy miscellany until he saw its dog-eared dusty brown cover.  Grateful that his mother had convinced him to take the optional reading course during MindTraining (all the education you’ll ever need while you sleep)he settled down with great expectations.