The Attack of the Wargs

Wolf at your door

The wargs attacked in waves,
Snarling and gnashing their jaws.
The firelight flickered in the hut
Burning the last of the splintered doors.

Two warriors stood tall,
Blades flashing in the firelight’s glow.
Two wargs fell dead at the door
Yet their vicious attack was not slowed.

Again and again, the wargs attacked,
Two heroes fought as one.
As on the floor the wizard slept,
Spent from the work he’d done.

Harder and harder, the beasts pressed forward,
Still the two blades powered.
While deep in the dark at the back of the hut
The bard in craven fear cowered.

No mercy would the wargs provide,
Injured now, the two men wearied.
Death stared them all in the face,
Each their own god they queried.

When all seemed lost, the wizard woke,
From the depths in which he’d slumbered.
From in his cloak, withdrew his staff
And to the doorway lumbered.

In voice so strong, he bade them leave,
Or feel his wrath be vented.
The wargs just laughed to hear such words,
And for the kill presented.

But wargs it was who died that day,
From wizard’s fire intended,
Blue fury from his staff did flow,
And pelts of wargs incended.

For Manfred he did save the day,
And wargs were killed or banished.
For when they saw the wizard’s wrath,
Into the mountains vanished.

A great victory was won that day,
In a mountain hut so cold.
Two men, a coward, and a wizard true
The craven and the bold.

Taken from Quest for Knowledge Book 1 of the FirstWorld Saga.