The Ballad of Gilgamesh

As told by Kris the Bard at the Fisherman’s Arms, Two Rivers, Year of Creation 50506

 The times they were tough in days of yore
The hounds of hell were at the door
We were in the middle of the 30 years’ war
When a boy was born in Erech

He was born into a family poor
His father went to fight the war
His mother left with no choice but to whore
To survive in the town of Erech

He was a small and puny boy
His childhood yielded little joy
Neglected and bullied, little food and no toys
He grew up on the streets of Erech

Wiry and tough as he learned how to fight
Wherever trouble was he was a common sight
His reputation was to stand for right
He matured on the streets of Erech

Then one fateful night a rich man he spied
Raping the woman he would take for his bride
In his hands the rich man died
Murder on the streets of Erech

As fast as he could from the town he fled
For the friends of the man would soon have him dead
His flying feet to the Buranan led
Never more to set foot in Erech

The mighty river has never been crossed
Except by an elf-friend, many lives it had cost
Braving its torrents all had been lost
And never returned to Erech

With the hounds on his heels and the river in sight
He had but two choices, jump in or fight
Two ways to die, but which one was right
For the youth who had fled from Erech

He plunged into the water and knew he would drown
As the eddies and currents dragged him deep down
The men on the river bank left with a frown
And returned empty-handed to Erech

And so the youth died, or so everyone thought
A tragic young life that had all come to nought
He’d ne’er be the Hero that everyone sought
Young Gil who’d been born in Erech

But Gil didn’t die in the river that day
Washed up on the bank near the forest he lay
A forest forbidden, elven and fae
No place for a human from Erech

Nothing is written on what happened that day
The elves I have questioned have nothing to say
To enter the forest a price he would pay
That young refugee from Erech

What things that he saw, we never will know
But two days later from Elvenhome he’d go
With new purpose, new name and so
Was reborn Gilgamesh of Erech.

The complete Ballad of Gilgamesh can be downloaded as a PDF file for free at FirstWorld